Nishant KumarSeptember 26, 2023

What is Cash Ratio?

The cash ratio is a financial metric that assesses a company’s ability to meet short-term obligations using its available cash and cash equivalents. It is calculated by dividing cash and cash equivalents.

Nishant KumarSeptember 23, 2023

What Is STP?

What is STP? A Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) is an investment strategy where an individual periodically transfers a fixed amount of money from one mutual fund to another. Typically, money moves from.

Nishant KumarSeptember 8, 2023

Difference between Bonus Shares and Right Shares

What are Bonus Shares? Bonus shares, often referred to as stock dividends, are a mechanism through which a company allocates additional shares to its existing shareholders without necessitating any monetary payment from.

Nishant KumarSeptember 6, 2023

A Guide about Emergency Funds

Emergency funds are a financial safety net comprised of easily accessible savings or liquid assets, typically equal to three to six months’ worth of living expenses. These funds are reserved for unforeseen.

Nishant KumarSeptember 6, 2023

What is Demerger and Reasons Why it is used?

A demerger, a corporate restructuring tactic, involves the separation of a parent company into distinct, independent entities. This strategic move is driven by several factors such as focusing on core businesses, enhancing.